Digital Manipulation – A Successful Trending Technology

In the world of digital manipulation, photographic imperfections are an extinct phenomenon. What started as an offshoot of photography is increasingly been seen as mandatory for optimum artistic impression of images? True, digital manipulation is just not chosen past time for millions but a complete industry on its own. Like any other creative vocation it not only bread but creative satisfaction to those associated with the job. Though photography is an independent art but when digital manipulation techniques are blended into it, it leads to outstanding photographic results.There have been substantial developments in the area of digital manipulation in the last decade. On the one hand the simple techniques have improved upon their earlier version to create even better results. And simultaneously several new techniques have been devised. By virtue of these fresh techniques even the most difficult manipulations tasks appear to be simple. The other benefit is that with the help of such technology, photo editing is no more a time consuming task. For optimum results one needs to explore with the technology and its various aspects.Digital manipulation and its scope:The scope of digital manipulation is not limited to handling with photographic imperfections. Though it is among one of the most practical uses of the technology but beyond that, it is used for various purposes. There are distinctly two diverse uses of the technology.The realistic purpose – Firstly it is for realistic purposes. Where in manipulation is used to create amazing looking photographs. These photographs are then used for various purposes. Be it print or digital media, advertising, personal photos, to industrial purpose, the uses are unlimited. From big banner hoardings to magazine covers, digital manipulation is the trick behind all those perfect looking images. For high quality results it is mandatory to use digital manipulation tricks to the perfection.The illustrious purpose – The illustrious purpose is largely limited to the exhibition photography. More and more photographers are taking up image manipulation as the new way out for exhibiting unparalleled art. They not only use the latest technology but also employ their best creative skills to create fabulous images. On several occasions, such projects are complex and demand maximum use of technology. Often the results are achieved by using one more than one techniques of photo editing.Varied kinds of photo editing tools are used for bringing the most realistic impression but it largely depends on the artist to choose the most appropriate one. Whether too choose mask or to retouch an image, eye catching results are always the result of perfect choice of the editing tool.Image editing and ethics:When there are absolutely no reigns to the scope of image manipulation, it is important to note the difference between ethical and unethical use of the same. While it is absolutely correct to imply the best technology to digitally enhance the images for aesthetic purpose. But it is ethical to prevent photo editing of images used for journalistic or documentary purpose. Though the technology has proved immensely useful in varied fields but one cannot deny that it demands strong actions against the unscrupulous use of the same.

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